NVIDIA performance counters in Nouveau with Linux 4.2


This weekend my work on implementing NVIDIA global performance counters has been merged in Nouveau.

With Linux 4.2, Nouveau will allow the userspace to monitor both compute and graphics (global) counters for Tesla, but only compute counters for Fermi. I need to go back to Windows for reverse engineering graphics counters with NVIDIA Perfkit. About Kepler, I have to figure out how to deal with clock gating but this is not going to be hard, so I’ll probably submit a series which adds compute counters this month.

All of these performance counters will be exposed through the Gallium’s HUD and GL_AMD_performance_monitor once I have finished writing the code in mesa.

But don’t be too excited for the moment, because we still need to implement the new nvif interface exposed by Nouveau in libdrm.

My plan is to complete all of this work before the XDC 2015.


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